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Sanitary 13RNM DIN-13BR blind nuts with chain

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Sanitary DIN-13BR blind nuts with chain

We provide complete standard of sanitary unions in different standard.
Including SMS sanitary unions, RJT sanitary unions, IDF sanitary unions, DIN sanitary unions, DIN 11864 aseptic unions, 3A sanitary unions, DS sanitary unions.
SMS sanitary unions is Swedish Manufacturing standard. SMS union is smooth, crevice-free, and internal bore. Including SMS-15 welding male, SMS-14 welding liner, SMS-13R round nut, SMS-15R expanding male, SMS-14R expanding liner, SMS-13BR blind nut.
RJT union is also called Ring Joint Type unions or BSM union. It is a CIP union. Including RJT-15 welding male, RJT-14 welding liner, RJT-13R round slotted nut, RJT-13H hex nut, RJT-15R expanding male, RJT-14R expanding liner, RJT-13BR blind round nut with chain, RJT-13BH blind hex nut with chain, CIP-15 flat face welding male, CIP-14 flat face welding liner. The seals can be O ring or stepped gaskets.
IDF union is international dairy federation standard unions. The unions are smooth bore, crevice-free design, suitable for CIP application. Including IDF-15L welding long male, IDF-14L welding long liner, IDF-13R slotted round nut, IDF-13H hex nut, IDF-15R expanding male, IDF-14R expanding liner, IDF-13BR blind round nut with chain, IDF-13BH blind hex nut with chain.
DIN union is Deutsch Industrial Norm standard. Including DIN-11850, 11851, 11853, 11864-1, 11864-2, 11864-3 different standard. DIN union also provide DIN into inch metric unions.
The unions including DIN-15 welding male, DIN-14 welding liner, DIN-3R slotted round nut, DIN-15R expanding male, DIN-14R expanding liner, DIN-13BR blind round nut.
DIN 11864 unions are long aseptic welded. These are widely used for high level of cleanliness in pharmaceutical industries. They are completely crack crevice free and sterile.
3A unions including 3A-15 welding male, 3A-14 welding liner, 3A-13R slotted round nut, 3A-13H hex nut, 3A-15R expanding male, 3A-14R welding liner.
We provides the sanitary unions as followings details
Made from solid bar or forging material
Size: 1/2”-12”  DN10-DN300
Standard: ISO, DIN, SMS, 3A, AS, BPE, BAS4825,
Grade: AISI304 or AISI316L
Materials are traced
Max. Pressure: 10bar
Machined from LG Mazak
Gaskets: FDA approved silicone, EPDM, PTFE, NBR
For all of the unions products, 100% material inspection before shipment.
Inner surface finish Ra0.4 to meet the requirements from food industries
For unions, ferrules, end caps, we use LG Zamak for machining. After products are finished, we recheck the roundness, thickness uniformity, Ra value, sand hole, surface uniformity.
Our sanitary unions are widely used for food, beverage, Dairy , bio-tech, pharmacy industries.






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