How do we do inspection for the materials

Making sure the development of valves and fittings technology with less trouble and more safety, JoNeng is striving to a perfect quality inspection system. ​​​​​​​

For raw materials

· Material control from raw materials. For raw material checking, we check 100% by chemical liquid. Any property mistakes would be rejected.

· Sand hole inspection after raw materials are machining before polishing.

· Carbon component report can be provided if needed

· Mechanics test report can be provided if needed

For New products

· 2nos of new samples to be checked against technical drawing. Testing report is provided to customers before bulk production.

For finished products

· For valves, pressure testing and temperature testing is required for each valve.

· After we get the finished products, we check for surface roughness, thickness equality, roundness, size measurement and sand holes again.

· For all finished products, the checking quantity is not less than 10% of total quantity.

· Before shipment, we check for the quantity of each product in order to find out any missing quantity or wrong product.

· Finally, we use strong package to prevent the products from any damages.

What machines we use to inspect the materials

To check the chemical

Stainless steel spectrometer

To check the surface roughness

Ra roughness instrument

To check the roundness

Vernier caliper

To check the thickness

Micrometer, Thickness gauge

To check the straightness

horizontal and vertical scale

To check the pressure

Pressure testing machine

To check the leaking

hydraulic pressure machine

We can also provide the following inspection if needed

To check the corrosion


To check the explosion


Quality Control


General Warranty Policy 

Joneng takes responsibility for the stainless steel valves and fittings provided by Joneng.

For the stainless steel parts, we take 3 years guarantee. For some special cases, customers need to declare for the detail application with Joneng before inquiries or orders. Like the chili production which is extremely in high alkaline; Like the extremely low temperature application, like -40C.

For the consumable parts ,like the gaskets, the caps, Joneng does not take responsible.
After two parties confirmation that it is a mass-quality part problem, the warranty ratio is not limited by the general warranty policy. The warranty is carried out as following scheme.
1、Joneng provides the replacement parts or repairable parts , then replaced or repaired by the customer locally.
2、If the customer can not replace or repair after guide. Joneng will need to discuss with the customers about the compensation to resend the goods or return the goods.
JoNeng valves company was started in 2007. Located in the stainless steel industry zone, Wenzhou, China. Totally 130nos of workers and the factory Covers 5000m2.




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